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Do you need eye-opening, effective, professional videos to market your product or services? Are you looking for a reliable source for high impact videos at low prices?

EZ Local Video is here to help you!

At EZ Local Video, we specialize in video creation and ranking services at highly competitive rates.  We help small businesses to make a big impact on their audience.

If you are marketing today, a high quality video is necessary to inform and persuade viewers as well as let you stand out as a professional brand.

Why? Video marketing is the best marketing tool in this era when people have short attention span caused by the many online options available. Overwhelming statistics tell us that a video is the best way to capture a person’s attention and give him or her as much information in as short a time as possible.

Who We Are

EZ Local Video is the brainchild of Brian Elliott of Yahjam Web Services who has been creating videos for many years as a photographer and event videographer. Over the past few years, he also created and ranked many videos online as an affiliate marketer.

That experience has taught him how to create effective videos for many different types of needs.

We are not only focussed on video creation, but being able to rank these videos on search engines is an extremely valuable add-on service for you as well.

This dual service (creation and ranking) is the key to having an effective video. A highly ranked video works constantly, always being seen by the persons who you want to see them.

So we know what a video can do for you, but we also know the high cost of a full production video. Thanks to modern technology, price is no longer a barrier to a high performing video. We are able to produce affordable, professional videos at a fraction of the cost.

We therefore target start-ups, smaller companies and entrepreneurs on a smaller budget. By the way, our service is not only affordable, but also fast, efficient and effective.

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Why Choose EZ Local Video?

When you choose to work with EZ Local Video you are choosing a top quality service at the most competitive prices.

That means:

  • Rapid TAT - Turn Around Time

  • A video you can be proud of

  • Professional video production

  • Experienced, skilled personnel

  • Friendly and transparent communication

  • Highly affordable prices

Why not let us handle your video needs and see for yourself?

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About EZ Local Video

EZ Local Video is a video marketing agency in Falmouth, Jamaica that specializes in affordable, low-budget marketing videos for individual entrepeneurs or small businesses.

Our video creation and ranking services will help your business to stand out from the crowd in your local area.

Need videos? We will create them. Need more views for your videos? We will rank them. 

For speediest response, call us at  +18765737433

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