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We are a Jamaican video marketing agency based in Falmouth and we deliver two (2) main video marketing services: video creation and video ranking.

Video is becoming increasingly popular as a marketing tool as it is the most powerful and effective form of digital advertising there is.

The reasons videos are so powerful is because they flat out work. Nothing else grabs attention and engages an audience as an online marketing video does. With other mediums such as text, the reader may wander away, but not so with video. A video is much more likely to keep one engaged to the end.

Because of how captivating a video can be, it has the power to appeal to our emotions, to motivate us and to cause us to take action. As such, they are far more persuasive and leave a much better long lasting impression than any other digital medium.

It therefore goes without saying how powerful a video can be if you do business video marketing. That’s why you need EZ Local Video Video Marketing Agency Jamaica.

Why Choose EZ Local Video?

If you are looking for professional video creation services at prices you can afford, then EZ Local Video is the right choice for you.

Video Creation

Our video marketing agency is experienced in creating and ranking videos that reach your audience and keep them engaged. We will also help you to craft an effective video marketing strategy.

Our online marketing videos are short and effective because short marketing videos have the highest engagement. Just take a look at the results of research by Wistia.

After 2-minutes, the drop-off in engagement is significant. This is because the attention span of viewers are falling because of the myriads of options now available online.

Wistia Video Engagement Study

Wistia: Average engagement vs video length

Among the services we offer are:

  • YouTube videos (how-tos, instructional, vlogs)

  • Social media videos

  • Traditional advertising videos

  • Infomercials

  • 'Introductory' videos for websites

  • Presentations

  • Sales videos

  • Demo videos

  • And more!

Video Ranking

We don’t just create your video and leave you there! We offer our video ranking service that focuses on SEO strategies to ensure your video is ranked highly on YouTube as well as Google.

This places your video before those who are interested in finding it. In this way, your message is much more likely to get across to those your target audience.

EZ Local Video marketing service is one of the cheapest, most effective way to have a personalized, professional video promoting your business 24×7!

To find out more about our service, take a look around our site. Or, if you’d like to get a free quote, give us a call at 18765737433.

Video Marketing Agency Jamaica

EZ Local Video video marketing agency is located in Falmouth, Jamaica and we know Jamaica video marketing.

Our service is available worldwide, but we love to create videos for our local Jamaican market.

Let EZ Local Video agency create your low-cost videos to help boost your business online.

Contact us today:  +18765737433

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About EZ Local Video

EZ Local Video is a video marketing agency in Falmouth, Jamaica that specializes in affordable, low-budget marketing videos for individual entrepeneurs or small businesses.

Our video creation and ranking services will help your business to stand out from the crowd in your local area.

Need videos? We will create them. Need more views for your videos? We will rank them. 

For speediest response, call us at  +18765737433

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